2D animation. Intermediate

TVPaint (or any other animation software)
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42 minutes

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This is where hand-drawn characters come to life thanks to your skills and imagination! Do you want to learn more about how to create 2D animation in the classic frame-by-frame technique? Welcome to a free master class by Edward Kurchevsky – 2D Animator, director and instructor of courses on classical 2D animation at our school. Edward has recorded a lesson for you, which will help you understand the process of creating an animation in perspective step by step.


You will create a professional animation, using the example of a liquid-filled mug bouncing in space. You will need TVPaint or any other animation software for frame-by-frame animation and a simple drawing tablet.

The master class consists of a short tutorial video, through which you will:

— Learn how to work with the horizon line and the position of the character in space

— be reminded of elementary geometry and understand how easy it is to work with perspective

— work with one of the basic principles of animation – squash and stretch

— create a stunning animation and work on the appeal of your character

And all of this in just a couple hours of your free time!

Grab your access to the workshop now and share your work with the hashtag #animationclubschool_2d on social media! And if you feel drawn into the fascinating world of animation and want to develop in this world as a professional, come to the course «Traditional 2D animation. Course 1 — Basics» – it will be exciting. See you in class!


Start working in TVPaint: tips and tricks

Working with the Horizon Line and character positioning in space

Basic principles - squash and stretch

Polishing the animation and exporting the video

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