Visual development for Animation. Course 1 — Introduction

Adobe Photoshop
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Welcome video from the mentor

Who is this course for?

Whether your goal is to become a professional artist or just to develop your artistic skills and create your own personal projects, this course is made for you.

About the course

In the beginning of the course, we will cover the basic principles of design and image making, and observe how they are universally applied across animation, film, illustration, and graphic design.

Later on, we will go through the fundamentals of drawing (both characters and environments), and learn such terms as perspective, construction, anatomy, and gesture.

Then, we will go in depth into character design, set design, prop design, and color design, and even cover such topics as world building and art direction.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to approach any design task through a simple recipe of steps, and be able to create appealing images that tell stories.

Аfter the course

Visual Development Artists have a huge impact across the entire entertainment industry and can apply their skills in animation (film, TV), illustration, advertising, and video games.


Week 1

Design Fundamentals

Week 2

Character Design 1

Week 3

Character Design 2

Week 4

Location Design

Week 5


Week 6

Prop Design

Week 7


Week 8

Design with Color and Light

Week 9

Style and Art Direction

Week 10

Final project 1

Week 11

Final project 2

Week 12

Final project 3

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