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The school was founded by animators in 2013.

Years after our team of mentors and employees passionate about animation and CG world grew bigger, we mastered the skill of uniting people and sharing experience from the industry’s best with aspiring artists, or anyone who has been dreaming to step on the path of full creative potential for the first time.

Results of the team commitment couldn’t be better: our students started to win top honors at award animation festivals and the most dedicated graduates have been employed by leading studios.


Is to give you the systematized knowledge and motivation through fulfilling learning aimed to help you reach your most creative goals whether they are: to get a skillset and an impressive portfolio you could apply to work on Netflix projects, or producing animated content for your own YouTube series.


Students work in a chat group, which is good for better networking, exchanging ideas, and getting help from classmates.

All sessions with a mentor are live, and recorded for viewing later. In live session, mentor introduces students to a topic and gives generous feedback on each student's weekly assignments.


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