Traditional 2D animation. Introduction

Free workshop. Introduction to 2D animation

Learn how to create your first character animation!

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[hl]Free workshop.[/hl]Introduction to 2D animation
Edward Kurchevsky


Edward Kurchevsky

2D animator and director, worked on Primal, Scavengers Reign, Tales of Alethrion and others.

About the course

The purpose of the course is to convey to the students’ basic knowledge about 2D animation and give an idea of the profession. As part of the classes, you will:

— learn the tools you need to create 2D animation
— get acquainted with the basic principles of the 2D animator
— make an animation of a simple character

The course consists of pre-recorded lectures so that students are not tied to time and can study the material at any convenient time.

After the course

Grab your access to the workshop now and share your work with the hashtag #animationclubschool_2d on social media! And If 2D animation draws you in, you can continue your studies in our main course "Traditional 2D animation. Course 1 — Basics", wherein you will master a creative profession that is in demand all over the world!

With workshop you:

  • Beginning 2D animator

    The workshop is suitable for aspiring animator who want to learn the basics of animation.

  • Do you want to improve your skills

    The workshop can be useful for professionals who want to improve their skills and learn new techniques for creating animation.

  • Are you interested in animation

    The workshop inspires creativity and helps unleash creative potential.

With [hl]workshop[/hl] you:

What's in the workshop

Animation in TV Paint

2 lessons

  1. Creating a basic animation of a jumping cup
  2. Transforming the jumping cup into a cartoon character by adding emotion and visual effects.
  • A couple hours

    A couple hours

  • You will create a professional animation using the example of a mug filled with liquid.

    You will create a professional animation using the example of a mug filled with liquid.

Animation in TV Paint

How will the training go?

What software is needed for the course?

[hl]Free workshop.[/hl]Introduction to 2D animation

Free workshop. Introduction to 2D animation

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