2D animation. Introduction

TVPaint (or any other animation software)
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32 minutes

Learn how to create your first character animation!

Welcome video from the mentor

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has a curiosity about 2D traditional animation and always wanted to learn to animate hand-drawn characters and see them moving. If that you, welcome to the free introductory course!

About the course

The purpose of the course is to convey to the students’ basic knowledge about 2D animation and give an idea of the profession. As part of the classes, you will:

— learn the tools you need to create 2D animation

— get acquainted with the basic principles of the 2D animator

— make an animation of a simple character

The course consists of pre-recorded lectures so that students are not tied to time and can study the material at any convenient time. 

After the course

Grab your access to the workshop now and share your work with the hashtag #animationclubschool_2d on social media! And If 2D animation draws you in, you can continue your studies in our main course Traditional 2D animation. Course 1 — Basics, wherein you will master a creative profession that is in demand all over the world!


Lesson 1

Creating a basic animation of a jumping cup

Lesson 2

Transforming the jumping cup into a cartoon character by adding emotion and visual effects.

Students showcase

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Distance learning and online workshops allow you to study wherever you are.

Convenient schedule

It is possible to combine animation classes with other activities.

Personalised approach

The mentor gives individual feedback on each student's work.

Group communication

Group chats with classmates and the mentor.

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Ask your mentor online.

Recorded video lectures

Recorded lectures are available to students to view at any time.

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